Course Content

This course will be available in August, but go ahead and sign up, it's free! This course will teach you to do the following:

  • Train a linear model with scikit-learn

  • Understand relationships in your data

  • Visualise data without writing code

  • Discover non-linear relationships in your data

  • Train non-linear models with scikit-learn

  • Evaluate your models

  • Detect overfitting in your models

  • Solve overfitting using Regularization

No Maths? No Problem!

This version of the course avoids going into the mathematics of Machine Learning by making use of scikit-learn to focus on using estimators. You will also make use of Tableau for visualisation.

Bonus material

Don't let all the python bug you down!

  • Tableau Visualizations

    Learn to visualize data using Tableau. We know you need to do a lot: clean data, visualize data, and train models. The less code you need to write, the better for your brain. That's why we are using Tableau for our visualizations.

  • Learning Evaluations

    Why do we want you to learn with us? Because we check your learning progress. This differentiates us from YouTube or other video-only training courses. We will assign tasks to you and check your answers.

  • Downloadable Documents

    You will get access to visualization notebooks and Jupyter notebooks so you can use our starters as well as check your final solutions.

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